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A virtual room where participants can network in real-time is prepared during the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society. Please feel free to drop in.


Enjoy Real-Time Interaction

This is a communication space exclusive to participants in the meeting using Remo, an online conference tool.
Make use this space as you do in real meetings as a lounge to exchange information and have discussions. Participants in the meeting only have access to the room. The URL to enter the room will be informed by the meeting secretariat to pre-registered participants via email.

About Remo
To learn about Remo, go to Remo’s website from here.
To learn how to use Remo, watch a tutorial from here.
Please chat with customer service personnel of Remo on its website if you have any questions.

*Enter your name when you join so that attendees can search you in the virtual space.
*Register your own icon with your photo to make it easier to be recognized in the room.


A Special Guest may be there...

Speakers of plenary and special lectures will be invited to the space.
Do talk with speakers you rarely have a chance to talk to in real meetings.
Up to six people can sit at a table to communicate with each other. Please take turns in sitting at the tables so that many participants can take part. The room can accommodate approximately 800 people.


Note and Prohibitions

Please be sure to have good netiquette.

The following behaviors are prohibited:

  • To make derogatory comments about or harass participants or presentations.
  • Behaviors that are considered unfit for the organizers’ purpose and may disrupt the running of the networking space.
Participants who do not follow the rules may be asked to leave the room.

<When you see someone who behaves inappropriately>
Please email to the meeting secretariat:
Open: 9:00 – 17:00, July 29 (Wed) – August 1 (Sat)
Contact: The Secretariat of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society
*Please include the table number and the name of the person concerned in your email.

To preserve a harassment-free meeting environment, which is one of the themes of this meeting, your cooperation is highly appreciated.