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Advance reservation system will be available online for the luncheon seminars at this meeting.
The information of participants who made a reservation will be provided to each seminar co-host.

〇Attention on personal information acquisition and system usage
Please confirm the following and check on the application form.
Also, the following will be applied to the exhibitors with regard to personal information acquisition. Please confirm and consent to it.

① We never sell the personal information.
② We use the personal information only within the company unless the person agrees.
③ We stop using the personal information when the person denies providing the information or contacting.
④ We assign a supervisor and take precautions against loss and leak of the personal information.
⑤ We delete and never use the personal information that clearly seems to be an error.
⑥ We take appropriate measures based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.


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